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Stages of work

  • 01. Leave a request
    Fill out the form on the website or email us info@dsgngo.com after that we will contact you to discuss the details of the project.
  • 02. Prepayment
    We are result-oriented and from the moment we start work, we incur temporary expenses that cost money, so any work on the project occurs only after an advance payment of 50% of the project cost.
  • 03. Briefing
    At the initial stage, we listen carefully to you and ask a lot of questions. The main task of the briefing is to provide maximum information about the project from the client, discuss wishes, preferences, important nuances to obtain the desired result.
  • 04. Analysis & strategy
    Before starting work, it is very important to determine the criteria for the success of the project. We analyze the competition, determine the strengths of the company and the profile of the consumer. Based on the analysis, we formulate a concept that will become our springboard for creating a unique design.
  • 05. Design / Development
    At this stage, we are creating specific creative proposals. In the process of work, we evaluate trends, work out the color scheme, fonts, graphics, photo style and other visual components, after which we present a modern design that meets the goals set.
  • 06. Adjustments & Agreement
    Great work requires cooperation. Customers often contribute and we carefully listen to their wishes and make all necessary adjustments. We work iteratively, that is, at each stage of approval, the project goes through a repeating cycle: adjustments from the client – implementation – verification, before approval. With this approach, there will be no awkward moments.
  • 07. Payment
    You pay the remaining 50% of the order price.
  • 08. Result
    At this stage, we are preparing the source code for your further work with them and sending you a link to download the project.

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