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Cookie Policy


This Cookie Policy («Policy») contains information about various types of cookies («Cookies»), their purposes of use, the processing of data collected from visitors to the website https://dsgngo.com («Site»), as well as ways to refuse the processing of Cookies.

The first time you visit the website https://dsgngo.com using a new browser or in private browsing mode, a banner appears that informs visitors that cookies are being collected on the site and requests their consent to the processing of these files.

If you click the "Accept" button or continue to use the site, it means that you agree to the processing of your Cookies. You also have the option to refuse the processing of Cookies, however, please note that this may lead to incorrect operation of the site.

1. What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that a website requests from your browser on a computer or mobile device. They contain information about your preferences and actions on the site, as well as data about your device, date and time of the session. Cookies are stored locally on your device and can be deleted if necessary through the browser settings.

2. How do we use your Cookies?

Cookies are used to improve the functionality of the site.
Information about user actions on the site is processed in order to improve products and services, determine user preferences, as well as to provide more personalized and interactive interaction, provide targeted information about products and services on the site.

3. How do we process your Cookies?

The data received on the website is processed, including the use of metric programs such as Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics.
Cookies of the site are not available to third parties. Third parties (e.g. Google, Yandex, etc.) that collect Cookies have their own cookie policies.

4. What types of Cookies do we use?

Session – only exist in temporary memory and are stored only during your stay on the site page. They are usually deleted by the browser after the site window is closed. Session Cookies help the site remember your previous selections or the information you entered to avoid having to re-enter data.
Permanent – stored on your computer and not deleted after closing the browser. They can store user settings for a specific site, which allows you to use these preferences in future visits. Persistent Cookies also help the site to identify you as a unique user and remember information about you and your previous actions on the next visit.
Statistics – contain information about your actions on the site, for example, which pages you visit and which links you click. The main purpose of such Cookies is to improve the functionality of the site.
Mandatory – the minimum set of Cookies required for the proper functioning of the site.

5. How can I refuse the processing of Cookies?

You have the opportunity to refuse the processing of Cookies by configuring the appropriate settings in your browser (it is recommended to read the "Help" section of your browser). In this case, our site will use only those Cookies that are necessary for its functioning and the services offered.